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ysabel Telan


Physical Literacy 

Mount Royal University 

Faculty of Health and Physical Education

WHY I CHOSE MY program

I chose this program because of my passion for living an active lifestyle and my interest in the structure and functioning of the human body. My passion for exercise grew during high school, and I remember my dedication and discipline in training for sports and strength training was like no other. I never see physical activity as a chore. Exercise empowers me and I want nothing more than to empower other people as well through exercise and physical activity. 

My goal is to be an advocate for physical activity and overall healthy lifestyle in the community. The program Health and Physical Education is perfect for me because it’s a combination of science classes that pertain to the human body (human anatomy, exercise physiology, etc) and classes that about education, facilitation and promotion of health and physical activity. 


I LOVE spicy noodle soup, like ramen or pho. I also like to go hiking in the summer, play volleyball and all things exercise!


  • If you are unsure of what program you want to take, it’s more than okay to take some time off to decide and discover yourself. Don’t let people (family, friends or strangers) pressure you into taking something that you are not interested in.  

  • Take the time to review your course syllabus. This is key to success in post-secondary!

  • Before starting the school year, have a planner at hand to record the due dates in the next few weeks because exams, projects and assignments will come at you quickly!

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