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i'll try to respond in <2 years, sorry gotta wait because i'm so popular and in demand, dms just blowing up


Vital Stats:

Name: Michael 'Magic Mike' Nguyen

Program: 5th Year B. Sc. in Biological Sciences, Certificate in Sustainability Studies

School: University of Calgary



  • President and Co-Founder of McNally Eyes High

  • Faculty of Science Representative, 76th & 77th Students' Legislative Council

  • Emergency Medical Responder

  • 2nd Degree Black Belt, ITF Taekwon-Do

  • Canadian Armed Forces Infantry Officer Cadet (Calgary Highlanders)


Strengths: Procrastination and chest day

Weaknesses: Calves, Starbucks, Milk tea and K-Dramas

Hey, my name is Michael (Mike) or Tyrone (on Tuesdays), whatever works. I graduated with the Class of 2015 and I do biology things in university, aka future unemployment, haha.


If you're reading this and notice that it's a lot shorter than my previous biography:

i) aw thanks for being a fan

ii) i cut it down because i'm gonna write articles about different aspects of being in biosci; everyday life, doing research, applying to med school, etc.




Apart from being sad, broke and an alcoholic my favourite things to do are:

i) go to the gym CHEST+ARM DAY EVERY DAY

ii) skip leg day

iii) cry about being lonely

iv) eat my sorrows away


vi) respect women


I'm an undergraduate researcher with the Department of Biological Science in Botany and I specialize in Histology and Plant Tissue Culture in Dr. Edward Yeung's lab.

I also volunteer at Foothills Hospital helping patients, mainly in SSB Unit 37 (Nephrology and Transplant), and at my church teaching kids and stuff.


MD+PhD in Emergency Medicine is the dream!

Cardiology/Cardiac Surgery or Infectious Diseases would be sick, but I'd probably never match into it :(



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