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kirsten banez




Faculty of Business

Dental Assisting


School of Public Health and Safety

WHY I CHOSE MY program

I chose business because there was a lot of ways to branch out into. The diversity revolved around the program and the fact that the wage was high was quite tempting. Although I did complete my bachelor’s degree, I made the switch into dental and have chosen dental because


I believe I’m more interested in physically being up and about in a workplace rather than sitting at a desk and starring at a screen all day. It’s something I’m more excited about, and I could not get this feeling while in the bachelor’s program. It’s different, but it doesn’t mean my business degree is completely useless as dental staff are also assigned roles with business aspects/skills in the workplace as well! This way I can perform and use both my degree and certification in one workplace!


  • I am a lifelong learner, I never thought I would say this, but I like learning new things. I like learning things that will always contribute to helping me become a better person.

  • I love volunteering, you get to meet new people and hear their stories. It also feels great to be able to help someone in need or contribute to something that can change another person’s life.

  • I made a switch from business to dental and I can understand why some people say “pick something you would enjoy doing for the rest of your life!” I look forward to a future of days filled with patient interaction and working in a busy dental office!


  • Don’t rush when looking for the right school, there are many schools that will offer a program in a career path that you are interested in. Each school operates differently and may cater more towards you and your learning style.

  • Don’t feel pressured to figure out what you want to do straight from high school. Most of the time students rush into a program because they feel the pressure from parents or friends and what not. Do it all on your own time and comfortability. 

  • It’s okay to switch programs if the first one you picked isn’t for you. Experiencing post-secondary, many students shift interest into a completely different program after taking supplemental courses or electives. 

  • Always try to plan ahead! Time management is an important aspect in being successful! Getting ahead of all of your assignments and setting time to study for a couple hours a week will definitely benefit you and put you at an advantage with course material. It will make things so much easier!

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