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Justine T.PNG

Justine Telan

Communications Director

Computer Information Systems

Minor in Business

Mount Royal University 

Faculty of Technology

WHY I CHOSE MY program

The main reason I chose my program was because of a blogging website called Tumblr. I used to manipulate the HTML and CSS code of the theme of my blog page. I thought CIS would be as simple as that, but it was more complicated… I still enjoyed it, though. The secondary reason was because my older sister took Computer Science. I honestly was like “I’ll take what my sister takes.” More or less though, I just went with the flow with something that I was interested in. Fortunately, things went well for me. I ended up enjoying what I learned and having fun with it. Just a heads up – that might not be the case for everyone. I got very lucky!


  • I think I’m ambidextrous. I write with my left hand, but I can use both hands for some activities. I can use both for shooting basketballs and playing pool.

  • Passionate about helping other people navigate their life through what I’ve experienced. I want to encourage people that they have what it takes to fulfill their passions and interests.

  • Trying different food, meeting new people, and learning and experiencing new things

  • Horror movies/shows/stories

  • Video games


  • Pay attention in class. It’s difficult, but it will greatly benefit you when you’re studying for your tests, midterms and finals. You’ll remember terminologies or topics easily.

  • Don’t take class notes word-for-word. This takes some practice. I’m still in the process of learning how to do this. You can also translate complicated wording to what makes sense to you. For example, “where art thou Romeo” can be “where you at Romeo?”

  • Use a planner. Use a digital or physical planner to keep yourself organized. Write down due dates, exam dates, when to start studying, etc. This will help you prioritize and plan accordingly.

  • Ask questions. Don’t be scared to email your professor about questions or clarifications. You can also send a mass email to all of the students in your class. You’ll likely get at least one reply.

  • Network. Make friends and share your interests with one another. Express your job interests with your internship coordinator at school (if applicable). Network connections are one of the top ways of getting a job.

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