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joseph lam


Health Science, Bioinformatics

University of Calgary

Faculty of Medicine

WHY I CHOSE MY program

I really enjoyed Math, Computer Science, and Biology during high school, and Bioinformatics seemed to be a perfect mix of all of them! Bioinformatics research and work are also closely related to the field of medicine, and, having plans to study at the pharmacy program at the University of Alberta after finishing my undergraduate degree, I thought the program could give me very valuable experience. I also heard that the cohort for Bioinformatics was quite small (10 or so students every year; although we’re gaining more!) and so I thought that this degree would offer me a good opportunity to make close friends. 


I really enjoy writing and reading! Fantasy, mystery, and LGBTQ+ romances are my jam. I also write short stories and poetry when I’m not scrambling to finish assignments for my courses. One fun fact about me is that I’m 5’ 5’’ and have a fervent desire to be taller! Eventually, I want to own a quaint apartment, and attain the Gen Z desire for a stable household and job. I also have a strong desire to be a published author someday. 


  • Whenever possible, please, please, start your assignments and studying early!

  • If you get stuck on something, try to seek help as soon as possible!

  • Forgiveness is your friend! You’re going to be encountering many new obstacles, and you might feel heavily unequipped to deal with them. But please don’t worry, growing and learning can be as rewarding as it is tough, so you have to remember to be kind to yourself.

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