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hanna crisostomo

Social Media

Political Science and Business

University of Calgary

Faculty of Arts

why i joined youth advancement society

University can seem very daunting when you have no mentorship along the way. I know in my first year I struggled to create good study habits, manage my time/money, take care of myself, as well as not miss out on the social aspects of the University experience. I joined YAS to help students with the journey that is post secondary. It really is what you make of it. I want to help students with the transition from high school to university and support them so they can feel prepared and confident to take on the new responsibilities/challenges that university brings. 


Since junior high I was very interested in social studies and all the different disciplines it intersects with like politics and government, history, economics, and international relations. Doing Social 20/30 at Bishop McNally further sparked my interest in politics and how much it shapes our lives. I knew a few people older than me that was in political science and every time we spoke about the program it seemed more and more convincing. I chose this program because all facets of political science really interests me and I think that these are vital in interpreting the world around us. It's also a great stepping stone to law school, education, or public policy, governmental,. and non-profit work.


  • I visited Montreal and Toronto this summer.

  • I love taking film pics of everyone and everything around me. I started in grade 10 and now I have boxes and boxes of memories.

  • I have tried almost every drink at Gong Cha.


  • Don’t feel pressured to take 5 (or more) classes right away in your first year. You can always catch up during spring and summer semester, not everyone graduates in 4 years and that's completely okay.

  • Everyone around you is there with the same goal in mind - to learn. Imposter syndrome sucks, it's hard to not feel good enough in a new environment. Know that you've earned your place and everyone is there to learn.

  • Your first year grades don’t define your entire post secondary career. What happens in first year, stays in first year. Many students struggle to adjust to university in the first year but then excel in the following,

  • Get involved. It's the easiest way to meet new people you have similar interests with. University populations are huge, sometimes you’ll meet someone, have a quick conversation then never see them again on campus. Clubs are a great way to get involved, make friends, and work on cool projects/initiatives that you're passionate about

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