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carmen santiago



Mount Royal University

Faculty of Arts

why i joined youth advancement society

I joined Youth Advancement Society (YAS) after Bishop McNally High School was visited by them. I remember talking to Josie (also a YAS member) about the Education degree at University of Calgary and I was immediately sold. YAS helped me transition from a high school mindset to a university mindset! I want to help as many students as I can, just as this program has helped and supported me.

why i joined MY PROGRAM

Throughout my educational career, I've had a lot of teachers who I could tell, didnt love their jobs. I have faint memories of dreading some teachers because of how strict and stern they were. There was no love in their practice and it showed. In high school, I was blessed to have some really phenomenal teachers. It really does make a difference in a student's life when the teacher is actually dedicated to their job. I want to be that one teacher that lets students know that someone actually cares about their well-being, rather than just their academic success.


  • I love to dance.

  • Coffee is as important to me as water and air - it is an essential part of my life.

  • I built my P.C. this summer, she is my baby.


  • Stay organized.

  • Late submissions is sometimes better. Handing things late is better than giving "okay" effort.

  • Hydrate and eat properly. Take care of yourself, your mind is still growing.

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