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Shoot me a message at or find me on facebook if you ever have any questions about university, life, or just wanna talk!

Bill Luu

3rd Year B.Sc in Software Engineering

University of Calgary


Why I choose my major: Video games and computers were my interests throughout my life, and I always wanted to learn how to make them. When it was time to choose my major, I saw that my marks were good enough to make it to engineering, so I decided to try engineering! Since then, I’ve been learning lots about the world of software engineering and I’ve seen so many super interesting fields like data, telemetry and embedded systems!


Hobbies & Interests: I’m a big nerd! As you might tell, I love playing video-games - X-Com, Total War, NBA 2K, Overwatch, I definitely game a lot (When I’m not drowning in school!). I’m also really into comic books & super heroes - I own over 50 individual issues of a variety of comics, and have lots of collections. Recently, I’ve been getting into painting model figures for a game called Warhammer - I don’t really play the game, but learning how to paint the models is a  pretty fun and rewarding de-stresser. At school, I’m the Software Engineering manager of the University Solar Car team, where we design and build a Solar Powered Race Car! I find it really rewarding to develop not just your own software skills, but the skills of my peers and juniors as well as we take our next steps in our careers and show our work on the world stage at the World Solar Challenge!

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