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University of Calgary

Faculty of Arts

WHY I CHOSE MY program

Initially, I wanted to major in Biomedical Sciences, but alas I did not know I had to submit an additional application, so I ended up in my second degree option: Psychology. I didn’t have any passion towards it, but it seemed like an interesting and useful concept to learn in my pursuit to becoming a paediatrician. I would like to be a doctor who can aid her patients both in their physical and mental wellbeing, after all. However, after my very first introduction to psychology class, I realized just how fascinating of a field it was! In retrospect, I’m glad that I’m majoring in Psychology!


I greatly appreciate Japanese culture such as their food, anime, manga, and language! Due to that, I decided to take Beginners’ Japanese classes in my first/second year of university. I also applied and became a volunteer TA (teacher assistant) for the class during the Spring 2020 semester! 


I also really love puzzle games! I find it very satisfying to finally get to the right solution after many trial-and-errors. If only I wasn’t an unemployed university student relying on my parents’ finances, I would buy video games such as Little Nightmares and Limbo. It’s a big plus if there’s a story with the puzzles. Alas, I have to resort to YouTube playthroughs.


  • 5 minutes. Whenever you feel like you lack motivation, try to sit at a desk and work on it for at least 5 minutes without setting a timer. It sounds like a short and manageable time limit, right? The key part about that time limit is to get started, make progress, and possibly build a momentum! If I have built a momentum, then I could be studying for far more than my allotted five minutes when I check the clock.

  • Class Schedules. Depending on the course, classes can occur any time from 8 AM to 6 PM (on average), so choose classes according to how you feel you can best manage them! If you’re an early bird, choose early classes! If you’re a night owl, choose late classes! And, based on personal experience, please do not put all your labs in one day!

  • Referencing. This is a crucial skill in university and especially if you’re pursuing research/science, but it is not covered in high school. PurdueOwl has the most updated information as to how to reference in a certain style. You can also search your university website as they also provide a template!

  • Extensions. Communicate with your TA/professor to extend your due date so that you won’t receive penalty deductions! This will definitely help when you have a large workload!

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