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alyssa Echano



University of Calgary

WHY I CHOSE MY program

I’ve always been interested in learning about the anatomy/physiology of the human body. Throughout my program however, I’ve realized that nursing goes beyond the technical skills that you learn (i.e: how to insert IV’s/change a dressing) or knowing the pathophysiology behind a disease. You get to work with people at some of their most vulnerable stages, and that is truly a privilege. I’m glad that I am able to partake in someone’s care, whether it’s someone’s first days of their life to their last moments. I also enjoy the different and diverse opportunities you can take on as a nurse. You’d be surprised at how many positions nurses can hold outside of bedside/acute care nursing!


  • I love the idea of travelling to new places/cities!

  • Finding great food places/new music or artists gives me the biggest boost of serotonin.

  • I hope to pursue nursing education in the future as I have a passion for teaching/mentoring and student advocacy! 


  • Discover what your true interests and passions are during your time in post-secondary/life after high school. Not only will this help you figure out what you’ll want to do with your degree/diploma in the long run, but it will also help you find a community of people you can relate and bond with. 

  • Join those clubs, and participate in volunteering/extracurricular activities! You’ll find that networking becomes super important during your time in post-secondary and makes you a well-rounded student/candidate. 

  • It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay if you’re not certain on what you want yet. It’s okay to change paths later on. Take your time, it’s not a race!

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